AlloyGator obtain TÜV approval for wheel protectors

AlloyGator, an award winning alloy wheel protection specialist based in the UK have obtained official, certificated approval from TÜV SÜD and The Czech Ministry of Transport Technical Service for their AlloyGator alloy wheel protectors.

AlloyGators are an award-winning alloy wheel protection system that vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage. The patented wheel protection system fits between the wheel and tyre and is designed to protect alloy wheels against kerbing and pothole damage.Exclusive Set of Silver AlloyGators

The company have enjoyed year on year growth since their launch in 2010 and currently have over 35 distributors across the world, including partners in the UAE, the USA, Canada and much of Europe and Asia.

Curt Rathbone, the Managing Director at AlloyGator said: ‘AlloyGators are a proven, superior solution to alloy wheel protection. Obtaining TUV approval across Europe has always been a goal for us. We’re pleased to kick off our European growth strategy by securing a strong distribution partnership and TUV approval in Czech. We continue to grow our international customer base and to work closely with our global partners to supply the best in wheel protection to drivers worldwide.’


TÜV SÜD are an international regulatory compliance management company who offer a comprehensive range of automotive homologation services that enable businesses to obtain approval for vehicles, systems and components in various countries throughout the world. Automotive features, equipment and accessories are subject to rigorous testing and AlloyGator wheel protectors have been proven to excel under specialist testing in various conditions.

You can view the full TUV report here.

Purchasing AlloyGators
If you’re based in the UK, you can buy AlloyGators as a supplied and fitted product on the company’s website. Simply select the colour for you and type in your postcode to find an approved, Five Star Fitter in your local area. For the DIYers or anyone based outside of the UK, you can buy your wheel protectors with a fully equipped fitting kit from

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